Today News 30.11.2018 17.00 Uhr CET

The new generation of non-working people

In the last month I saw many cities, where I was on the streets late at night, and even during the daytime I saw problems. During daytime they are overloaded with people, especially at rush hours. The infrastructure is bad and over-burdened. At other times they are ok but still crowded! Yet nobody seeks change or improvement.
I think this is why some people want an office where they feel at home, as residential rents are so expansive that such a home is no longer a castle but just a place for sleeping. People receive information or watch films during their commute to and from work. The office space is now a place where one needs to be comfortable and creative, which one cannot necessarily feel at home, especially when married with children!
But not everybody will manage this; in times to come there will be more unemployment, with the risk of a loss of one’s home as well as one’s office. It can be a small step from homelessness to drugs and other antisocial ways of living as drugs and alcohol are everywhere. To obtain them is easy but to stop consuming them, difficult. I saw more and more people like this on the streets running around like Zombies searching for money or the next fix. Such zombies are created by our system of slavery 2.0.