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Online Learning CFC I

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Learn with our Team from the "Big Brother Trading House" how to trade commodities, stocks, options and cryptocurrencies. Every day we will stream new updates and post new PDFs with helpful information. If you would like to chat with the team you can do so via a live stream or ask for a private chat. At our "Big Brother Trading House" we do not give any advice on trading or on particular markets. Nobody at the "Big Brother Trading House" is permitted to do so, nor will they give any advice on speculation in any kind of position or in relation to any investment. At this workshopt we will not give any references to any Broker, Bank, Insurance Company or any other means by which you can invest money. The purpose of this group is only for learning strategies, risk management and rules & regulations for US Series 3 & 7.



Be the next online Teacher at CFC

Onlie Learning CFC II

Important Information

In this workshop you can speak either English or German; we cannot facilitate any other language for now. Therefore, text or messages in any other language will be deleted without notification. Any messages violating our terms and conditions, or SPAM, will be deleted and the member will be blocked as well, while we will keep the membership fee as it is not refundable. Advertising for other Brokers, Banks, Services or 3rd Parties Investment Schemes is forbidden and so such messages will also be deleted directly and the user will be blocked. All of our streamers are anonymous and they are not allowed to give out their real names and contact details. Please do not ask for this information; they will not answer. If you do ask and our administrators see it, you will, after a warning, be blocked. We not accept any racism or sexual discussion. This intensive workshop is for people who wish to know more about getting a licence as a Series 3 & 7 US Broker.



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