Formation of

I have thought about doing this since 2010.

After 8 years of development and continuous improvement of the concept, I believe that now is the time to launch the first interactive online streaming service for the commodities market and commodities trading.

This is more than just a platform for another ad-supported Internet project! CFC is on its way to becoming an international service provider covering the entire spectrum.

-On-site analysis of commodities
-Demand analysis
-Prediction of market developments
-Chart analysis for raw materials
-Discussions of market developments for raw materials

From Q4 2018
Daily Newsletter on Raw Materials
Thorsten Schuell, with his CFC group, sees himself as the founder of the movement, "The Next Generation"; a visionary and prophet who wants to change the world of commodity trading to make the planet more livable; to create a world where people are more important and politicians again serve the people rather than the other way around.