Founder - Thorsten Schuell

About Thorsten Schuell

Thorsten Schuell has 25 years of experience and has lived in 10 countries, providing a unique perspective from these lived experiences. Mr Schuell has lived in the following countries: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Ukraine and, last but not least, he is familiar with US customs. He draws on these lived experiences for workshop participants as well as and explains which risks and opportunities face a private investor.

In various countries he has fulfilled tasks for banks, brokers and investment funds as well as for individuals and companies, including:

- Private Placement IPOs (Switzerland, USA (dual-listing (New-market) but also initial admission to the stock exchange)

- Establishment of a commodity broker (Gibraltar / Malta)

- Clarification for the opening of a real estate fund (Luxembourg)

- Foundation of a securities trading house (Liechtenstein)

- Asset Management Company (Isle of Man)

- Bank Forum - Commerzbank (new customer acquisition) Ukraine

- Clarification on the establishment of a football fund in cooperation with Berenberg Bank (Switzerland)

- Property Fund for Art and History in the form of a limited company (Isle of Man)

At the early age of 20, Mr. Schuell laid the foundation for this activity at the then subsidiary of ABN AMRO BANK - MeesPierson Ltd. in London, where he was placed as a trainee and later as a commodities trader. He follows this passion until today and actively manages his own money in the commodity markets. Privately, Mr. Schuell is an admirer of art and historic vehicles and therefore has a private interest in providing access for investors to this asset class.

His extensive knowledge of the various asset classes with cross-country components makes him a specialist in risk management. Mr. Schuell explains on the basis of practical examples the possibilities each participant has to develop his own individual asset-building strategy. He gives particular importance to discretion and does not wish to record any investment advice in the classical sense; rather the emphasis is on self-dependent asset management.

CFC Thorsten Schuell Corp. does not consider itself as an investment advisor and is not a provider of real estate, funds, shares, IPOs or other investment opportunities, but much more, is your point of contact when it comes to fair, objective and independent education. The stated goal of CFC is to raise you to a professional level, to enable you to discuss on an equal footing with your insurance agent, fund provider or bank adviser and to seek a better offer that fits your ideas. Because you know what you want and no-one else! Only for the USA and in the USA, CFC Thorsten Schuell Corp. offers. preparation courses for the FINRA Series 3 and Series 7 exam.

With the new MIFID II RULES that came into effect in 2018, there have been major changes in the capital investment market that you, as a participant, should know, so that you can continue to make your own investment decisions; decisions which meet your requirements in the future, rather than taking whatever offers which yield the highest commission for the provider!
Change through education and training - this is Thorsten Schuell's recipe for success. With this extraordinary and illustrative workshop, Thorsten Schuell brings about a rethinking in the minds of participants.
Content-based and multimedia-based, he questions all topics and encourages open discussion. Illustrated through the flow of events throughout our lives, the various asset classes are detailed and explored in an exciting and enlightening way. This approach helps you to rediscover risk and opportunity.