Series7 Pre EXAM course

You decide your own pace of learning

First 60 days online learning
and after 30 days offline

It has never been so easy!

Study with our team online (60 days) and 30 days in either a WeWork office in London, Brussels or Germany. Learn how to trade commodities, stocks, options and crypto currencies, and take a US exam at the end of the 90 days and become Series3 accredited like all American stock brokers.



Learn the first 60 days online

What is included?

Become a stockbroker in 90 days with US approval!

Professional content, explanatory videos and also suitable PDFs with useful information are provided in order to help you reach your goal, within the time specified by us. Once you have successfully passed the exam you can call yourself a "Series7 Qualified Stock Broker".

The first 60 days are intended for online studying, then the last section will be revising the content by putting theory into practice. These last 30 days will involve going through previous session questions and taking more practice questions to test your knowledge. The last 30 days can be done at our WeWork offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia.

The aim of this training is to learn the basic knowledge and to obtain the Series7 accreditation. (For the risk management, rules and regulations section in Series7; a good understanding of English is required!)

(Costs for flight ticket and accommodation in New York, or any other city where the exam can be taken, will not be covered by CFC. Just the one-time registration and examination fee, as well as enrollment as a stockbroker after passing the exam is covered.)



Learn wherever you want

What else?


Series7 Preparation Course (USA Stockbroker pre exam course)

1. Learning Chapter 1 (PDF & Video / Duration: 10 days)
a. Trading places
b. Differences to the individual trading records
c. Pink Sheet (OTC Stock Exchanges)
d. Stock exchange listing

2. Learning Chapter 2 (PDF & Video / Duration: 20 days)
a. Technical stock analysis
b. Fundamental stock analysis
c. Market analysis (market sharing)
d. Viewing & rating news
e. Viewing news including social media news

3. Learning Chapter 3 (PDF & Video / Duration: 20 days)
a. Volume trading in equities
c. Swing trading in equities
d. Stock options
e. Bonds
f. Risk management / Hedging

4. Learning Chapter 4 (PDF & Video / Duration: 10 days)
a. Different bonds
b. Calculation of bonds
c. Compared to Europe
d. Bonds as an indicator

5. Learning Chapter 5 (either in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia / Duration: 30 days)
a. Repetition of all topics
b. Rules & Regulation
c. Margins calculations
d. Hedging
e. Strategies / Risk Management
f. ETFs
g. Internal audit

Additional Services:
6. Registration for S7 examination
7. Paying the examination fees
8. Upon passing the exam, the license will be registered at CFC for up to 12 months
9. Employment contract after passing the exam for 12 months



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