STREAMER at Tv4u – Know-how meets FairPlay



“Streamer” New Work thrives on expertise, recognition and community

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STREAMER at Tv4u – Know-how meets FairPlay (trial subscription 2021)

“Streamer” New Work thrives on expertise, recognition and community

We’re moving forward: Be part of increasing your income and reach

-You are a finance professional and / or a political professional and want to expand your reach?
-You want to present your competence to the broadest possible audience?
-You already have reach, are you generating sales, but you don’t have the time to invest even more in editing your social media channels?
-Full-time or part-time – you decide how much time you want to spare

It’s time to take the next step: become a streamer!

TV4u is your solution for exactly these open questions and for your way into a new future. Now you can use even better solutions in less time and generate sales! We need you for a massive lift-off. Our courtesy: We have set your risk on a one-off payment of € 1,000 and will assume all costs until the end of 2023!

You can also benefit from many other advantages!

– You will receive a one-off payment of € 1 up to € 1,000 for each video with approved content (informative, non-violent, financial topic).
– The video editing and creation of teasers and flyers does not cost you anything, because Tv4u covers these costs.
– The streamer community receives 10% of the total income. This amount is credited proportionally directly to the respective budget accounts.
– The best 3 streamers together receive a further 15% (i.e. 5% each) of the income booked directly to their budget accounts.
– Quarterly, a further 50% of the profits from the CFC project Tv4u are distributed proportionally to all streamers and credited to the budget account.

The principle: Together we are stronger – everyone gives a part to the

community and, in turn, receives from everyone in the community. Why this? We believe that the classic security systems work worse and worse and want to add something of their own accord. The safeguarding of each individual is in harmony with the principle of reward for performance. This results in a basic security with the possibility of increasing income individually through one’s own performance. Since all members also recognize the principle of responsibility, there is also an automatic increase in income for the individual through the activity of the group. Give and take in responsible cooperation. And best of all: We mean business and are setting the example by setting your risk and your monthly costs to 0 after months of filing, only a one-off payment of € 1,000 is to be paid as a setup fee!

Advantages over Youtube – Facebook & Co.

– Part of a daily growing community
– Special channel for finance (no dilution by other content)
– No advertising from banks & insurers
– We advertise your content absolutely free of charge by promoting our Tv4u project
– Own image page on Tv4u with a picture and display of your profile – Department (with video on request)
– Higher source of income through income & profit splitting in the project
– Possibility to purchase a white label solution later and thus build up your own online channel without losing the videos that have been produced by then
– Shared copyright
– Data protection compliance by using the AWS service
– With the on-demand CLOUD service from AWS, the video content can be scaled immediately for delivery and load balancing in the event of a rush of visitors
– Implementation of moderated live broadcasts (from January 2022 for a surcharge)
– Would you like to produce your video content in English, Russian or Spanish? No problem, we will have six different languages ​​on board from January 2022, including the corresponding domains for reaching these target groups. Corresponding advertising for our offer will be placed in the countries / languages

Are you still missing one aspect of your new dream job? Talk to us and we’ll see what we can improve.
Or simply send us a contact request and we will get in touch with you. Each request will be processed within 48 hours.

Become a stockbroker with CFC!

If you have decided to attend a stock market broker course, you will receive the entire TV4U Watcher for 2 years for free.


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