STREAMER at Tv4u – meets FairPlay


We created this channel with an important notion in mind; news is a utility to empower and inform everyday citizens.

Staying informed allows you to ensure you are making the best possible decisions about your finances, communities, societies, and governments.

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STREAMER at Tv4U – meets FairPlay (trial subscription 2021)

“Streamer” Our roles at TV4U thrive on expertise, recognition, and community.

We are looking for:

-A finance professional and/or a political professional
-Someone willing to present your competence and broadest to an audience
-You already have reach, generating sales, and are looking to find an editor for your social media channels
-Full-time or part-time availability

TV4u offers a courtesy of a one-off risk payment of £1,800. We will assume all costs until the end of 2022!

You can also benefit from many other advantages!

– You will receive a one-off payment of £25 up to £1,000 for each video with approved content (informative, non-violent, financial topic).
– The video editing and creation of teasers and flyers does not cost you anything, because Tv4U covers these costs.
– The streamer community receives 10% of the total income. This amount is credited proportionally to the respective budget accounts.
– The best 3 streamers together receive a further 15% (i.e., 5% each) of the income booked directly to their budget accounts.
– Quarterly, a further 50% of the profits from the CFC project Tv4U are distributed proportionally to all streamers and credited to the budget account.

Join us on our various platforms and build your experience.

– Be part of a daily growing community
– Specialise on our channel for finance (no dilution by other content)
– No advertising from banks & insurers
– We advertise your content absolutely free of charge by promoting our Tv4U project
– Own image page on Tv4u with a picture and display of your profile – Department (with video on request)
– Higher source of income through income & profit splitting in the project
– Possibility to purchase a white label solution later and thus build up your own online channel without losing the videos that have been produced by then
– Shared copyright
– Data protection compliance by using the AWS service
– With the on-demand CLOUD service from AWS, the video content can be scaled immediately for delivery and load balancing in the event of a rush of visitors
– Implementation of moderated live broadcasts (from January 2022 for a surcharge)
– Would you like to produce your video content in English, Russian or Spanish? No problem, we will have six different languages ​​on board from January 2022, including the corresponding domains for reaching these target groups. Corresponding advertising for our offer will be placed in the countries / languages

Are you missing an aspect of your new dream job? Talk to us and we’ll see what we can improve.
Or simply send us a contact request and we will get in touch with you. Each request will be processed within 48 hours.

Become a member of our CFC family.


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